About us...

Morris Beekeeping is owned and run by Chris Morris who has kept bees since 1955.

“I've kept bees since learning the skills at school in Norfolk, where I lived in 1955. Since then, I've kept bees in various locations, including inner London, both as an amateur and then commercially in Kent for honey and pollination.

I then ran a bee farm and bee equipment supply company in Northamptonshire and Sevenoaks in Kent, finally moving to Yalding near Maidstone. Here in Yalding I run hives for honey, pollination, Queen breeding and nucleus production.

I've also worked as a 'Ministry of Agriculture Bee Inspector' for 5 years covering four London Boroughs and North Kent.

All this knowledge and experience I've gained over the years I am happy to pass on at my training courses and to beekeepers when serving in my shop at Yalding, where I keep a large stock of beekeeping equipment. Everything for you and your bees.

The range of equipment stocked, is of the type used in our hives, so we use the same products we sell.

You can browse for products on-line, order by telephone/fax, email us or visit our shop at Yalding.

I hope you find the information on my website useful.”


  Chris Morris managing the bees

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