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Having the correct protective clothing is essential, with the face and neck being the most important areas to protect. The protective clothing is usually light coloured and of a smooth material. This provides maximum differentiation from natural predators, which tend to be dark coloured and furry.


Square Veil and Hat Combined

Catalogue reference

105. Square veil and hat combined £19.50
105a. Veil & vest “Bee Farmer” £22.00

  Square hat and veil combined Veil and vest Bee Farmer

Jacket and Veil Combined

Catalogue reference

106. Jacket and veil combined £53.60

  Jacket and veil combined

All in One Bee Suit and Veil

Please give chest size and height.

Catalogue reference

107. All in one bee suit and veil £70.00

  All in one bee suit and veil

Smock and Veil Combined

Catalogue reference

108. Smock and veil combined £50.70

  Smock and veil combined


Beegloves in leather with canvas gauntlets. Sizes 6 1/2 - 11 per pair.

Catalogue reference

109. Leather Beegloves £13.60
109a. Blue plastic sleeved gloves £12.90
110. Gauntlets only (16") £4.90


Bee Suits

Bee suits in polyester/cotton. Zip fronted and with four large pockets. Please state chest size when ordering.

Catalogue reference

111. Bee suit – no veil £39.80

  Bee suits

Bee Helmet

Catalogue reference

112. Woven bee helmet £26.50

  Bee helmet

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