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We have a carefully selected range of accessories for all hives. Having the right equipment for your hive is paramount. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Cut Combs

The container has a vacumn formed base with transparent snap-on cover. Siz 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1 3/4" deep. There is an ever increasing demand for Cut Comb Honey, especially for Ling Heather Honey which is ideal for this treatment.
The cutter is stainless steel, cuts comb honey to a size which neatly fits the 'Cut Comb Container'. The plunger pushes comb direct into container - untouched by hand.

Catalogue reference

72. Cut comb containers (8oz per 50) £9.50
72a. 8oz cut comb Sales presentation box (50) £18.50
73. Cut Comb Cutter £29.50

  Cut comb containers and cutter


Galvanised and Copper. These quality made smokers include: wire heat shield and hook, screw on bellows.

Catalogue reference

74. Galvanised Bent Nosed Medium £22.80
75. Galvanised Bent Nosed Large £34.90
76. Wire safety guard £5.10
76a. Spare Bellows £6.00
77. Stainless/Steel Bent Nosed Large £38.20
78. Stainless/Steel Bent Nosed Ex/Large £46.50

Spare bellows and stainless steel bent nosed smokers

  Galvanised smokers and wire safety guard


Queen excludesr are a selective barrier inside the beehive that allows worker bees but not the larger queens and drones to traverse the barrier. The purpose of the queen excluder is to limit the queen's access to the honey supers. If the queen lays eggs in the honey supers and a brood develops it is difficult to harvest a clean honey product and it makes management more difficult.

Catalogue reference

79. W.B.C. Short Slot metal £8.90
80. National/Commercial Plastic £5.70
81. National Wire Excluder Framed £17.80
81a. National Wire Excluder 46cm x 46cm £11.50
82. Langstroth Wire Excluder £19.50
82a. Langstroth Plastic Excluder £6.00
82b. Queen Excluder Scraper with handle £11.00
82c. Wire Excluder Cleaner £7.50


Bee Escapes

We have various formats of 'bee escapes', all tried and tested and designed to evacuate bees effectively.

Catalogue reference

83. Plastic Porter escape £1.20
84. Cone escape £0.55
85. Round plastic 8 way escape £4.00
86. Rhombus escape £2.80
86a. Bee Quick – Spray liquid on a cloth and place over the full super. Bees are repelled by the smell and exit the super. Very Effective. £16.00

  Bee escapes

Bee Blower

Battery Operated Lightweight Bee Blower, it quickly and effectively removes bees from supers.

Catalogue reference

87.Battery Operated Bee Blower £75.00

  Bee blower

Bee Brush

Designed with an extra long brush with extremely delicate hairs, the ideal tool for brushing bees off frames without harm.

Catalogue reference

88. Bee Brush £5.70

  Bee brush



Catalogue reference

89. Narrow plastic ends (per 100) £9.10
90. Wide plastic ends (per 100) £9.10
91. Castellations 9 slot (per pair) £2.60


  Plastic ends and Hoffman clips

Frames self-spacing Hoffman

92. Hoffman Clips – per 100, provides 1 3/8" spacing for 7/8" BS brood side bars £9.40
92a. Hoffman Spacers (per 100) £9.20
93. Metal Runners – 10 or 11 frame size (per pair) £1.40

Metal runners

  Hoffman clips

Mouse Guard

Made from perforated metal (3/8" holes) give protection and full width ventilation.

Catalogue reference

94. Mouse Guard £1.20

  Mouse guard

Hive tools

All hive tools are made from qulaity stainless steel and are available in three sizes.

Catalogue reference

95. Light Weight Hive Tool £9.60
96. Standard “J” Frame Lifter £9.10
97. Heavy Duty “J” Frame Lifter £9.60
97a. Combi “J” & LW Hive Tool £10.60

  Hive tools Combi J LW Hive tool

Wire Mesh

Black epoxy coated wire mesh 18" square. Useful for a variety of purposes, including entrance closures, swarm boxes, ventilating screens, varroa floors and open mesh floors.

Catalogue reference

98. Wire Mesh £5.20

  Wire mesh

Spur Embedder

If you wire your own frames you will find this tool indispensable. Electrically heated embedder with spur wheel, runs along wire. The wax is melted and covers the wire. Wire needs to be taut.
Electric wire embedder also available, please ask for details.

Catalogue reference

99. Electrically Heated Spur Embedder £21.50
100. Electric Embedder £33.85

  Spur embedders

Frame Wire

These grades of wire are ideally suited for wiring your own frames and providing extra support for the foundation especially on the larger brood frames.

Catalogue reference

101. Frame Wire 250g £3.80

  Frame wire

Eyelets and Punch

Eyelet Puch tool is perfect for punching holes in side bars and inserting eyelets. Spring loaded action with removable tip for easy replacement of needle. Adjustable stop to accommodate most sizes of side bars. All secured in solid base unit for easy operation.

Catalogue reference

103. Eyelet Punch £23.30
104. Brass Eyelets, size 6mm, weight 100g £8.00

  Eyelets and punch

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