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It's not just honey that bees produce, they also produce wax, so you will need the means to extract the wax and turn this into a usable product. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Wax Extractors

Beeswax is a valuable by-product from beekeeping. The old wax can be recycled using a wax extractor. The wax is melted and filtered to remove impurities, then allowing the wax to be turned into products such as candles and polish.

Catalogue reference

Wax Extractor
143. Solar wax extractor £117.50
143a. Stand £30.30

Steam Frame Sterilizer
144. Electric operated. 50 x 50 x 95cm, 2500W/230V £1468.90
144a. Steam heated plastic barrel £157.00
144b. Steam heated wax melter £245.00

Stainless Steel Bucket
145. Bucket for melted wax £63.90

Wax Mould
146. Mould for making 5 x 1oz blocks £4.50

Wax Melter with Steam Generator
147. Electrically heated, for melting wax and sterilizing frames
(80 litre capacity) £261.40



  Solar and electric wax extractors
Steam heated plastic barrel, wax melter, bucket, wax mould and melter