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You will find below a selection of tools and equipment designed to extract honey, from small batches to large. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Honey Uncapping

Catalogue reference

157a. Frame uncapping set. Plastic uncapping tray frame holder, uncapping fork, stainless steel drip tray, comb rest. £127.90
157b. Heating uncapping tray £157.90
158. Electric uncap knife USA £164.00
158a. Electric uncapping knife £129.90
158b. Electric decapper £96.00
159. Serrated edged knife with bent handle. Keep in hot water bath for ease of use. £22.50
160. Nylon Rotating Brush Uncapper. Put frame infront of rotating brushes, uncaps without destroying comb. Normally mounted on large plastic tank to collect cappings. £852.80
161. Steam heated uncapping knife with steam generator £97.90
162. Uncapping fork £9.30
163. Uncapping fork, stainless steel with blade on side £29.80
164. Uncapping fork with cranked tines £9.50

Honey uncapping accessories

  Honey uncapping accessories

Honey Press

Manual capping press, for removing honey from cappings, with stainless steel perforated basket 250mm and metal structure.

Catalogue reference

165. Heather honey press £461.30

  Heather honey press

Honey Loosener

Individually sprung nylon needles which plunge into, automatically varying locations in each cell.

Catalogue reference

166. Heather honey loosener £4890.50

  Heather honey loosener

Honey Strainers and Creamers

On a small scale, cleaning honey is done by letting it drain through one or more strainers, which can be stainless steel, plastic, fabric, or tin-plate. This helps to remove lumps, wax, packed pollen, propolis and other debris. It is not intended to remove individual pollen grains which should be regarded as an essential part of the honey.

Catalogue reference

167. Double adjustable strainer S/Steel £24.90
168. Double plastic strainer £10.80
168a. Butter muslin £2.50
169. Honey creamer £28.70
170. Extractor straining pail £173.30
171. Double deep strainer for S/S 170 £49.20
172. Honey creamer with electric motor £173.23
173. Stainless steel honey creamer for use with electric drill £22.90

Honey strainers

  Honey creamers

Honey Valves

Valves available in nylon and metal.

Catalogue reference

174. Nylon honey valve 1 1/4" bore with backnut £12.00
175. Nylon honey valve 1 3/4" bore with backnut £17.50
176. Metal honey valve 1 1/4" bore with backnut £27.20

  Honey valves

Honey Tanks

Honey tanks are made in polished stainless steel with 2 carrying handles, a lid and sealing ring clamp and having a honeygate with a special seal to prevent leakage when the tap is closed.

Catalogue reference

177. 25kg £118.40
178. 50kg £132.30
179. 100kg £191.70
180. 200kg £262.40
181. 300kg £312.70
182. Stainless steel filter that fits inside 50kg honey tanks £99.50
183. Stainless steel filter that fits inside 100kg honey tanks £131.80
184. Plastic honey tank, with 1 1/4" honeygate (holds 70lbs) £28.70

  Honey tanks

Stainless steel filters and plastic honey tank

Honey House Extras

Catalogue reference

185. Stainless steel carousel trolley for uncapped frames awaiting extraction (has centre drain) £1363.30
186a. Electric honey pump £645.80
186b. Electric honey pump on trolley £1939.30
187. Honey baffle tank for separating honey and wax (has hot water jacket) £2346.30
188. Extractor anti-vibration leg mounts, per 3 £11.90
189 - 192. Honey pump flexible tubing and fittings price on application
193. Extractor top bar with helical gears freewheel and reverse brake £116.80
194. Pressure honey line filter £522.80
195. Centrifuge for cappings £4048.80
196. Electric motor and top bar for extractor conversion £428.00
197a. Plastic door curtain for extracting room entrance - Clear £44.50
197b. Plastic door curtain for extracting room entrance - Yellow £44.50
198. Honey gate seal £2.90
199. Honey tank over filling alarm £33.90

Honey house extras

  Honey house extras

Honey Extractors

Harvesting honey using extractors allows the honey to be extracted from the honey comb without destroying the comb, so the comb can be reused by the bees. A drum or container holds the frame basket which spins, flinging the honey out.

2/4 "Popular"

A no frills, quality 2/4 tangential stainless steel extractor.
2 Deep or 4 Shallow frames, stainless steel inner cage, plastic honey gate and hand driven metal gears.

Catalogue reference

200. 2/4 "Popular" £193.70


2/4 "Popular" honey extractor

2/4 "Combi"

Catalogue reference

200a. 2/4 "Combi" unit extractor, filter, tank £298.50

  4/2 honey extractor

3/6 Tangential

Catalogue reference

201. 3/6 Tangential £364.00

  6/3 honey extractor

4 Frame radial extractor

Catalogue reference

201a. 4 Frame radial extractor £312.50

  4 frame radial extractor 4 frame radial extractor

Universal Radial 9

This is an excellent extractor and very popular, improvements can be made in stages over the course of time and paid for from your honey crops. It comes in 4 configurations.

Catalogue reference

202a. This is the basic extractor, which has a stainless steel barrel, see through plastic lids, and 3 bolt on legs. It has plastic gears and a resin and chrome steel 9 frame cage. The barrel has a plastic honey gate £389.90

202b. This is the same 202a, but with a stainless steel 9 frame radial cage £435.30

202c. This is the same as 202b, but with metal gears giving a freewheel and reverse turning brake £489.50


Universal Radial 9 honey extractor

Universal Radial 9 honey extractor

9 Frame Radial Extractor

Motor driven fully reversible, takes both straight sided or Hoffman frames. Barrel and cage in stainless steel. Supported by 3 bolt-on legs which give clearance for a bucket under the tap.
Designed with the hobbyist in mind, the extractor packs away easily for Winter storage.

Catalogue reference

203. 9 frame radial extractor with motor £899.75

  9 Frame Radial extractor

Radial motorised stainless steel extractor

700mm diameter barrel, with stainless steel cage for 20 Super frames. Has a stainless steel bearing at the bottom of the central spindle.
The cage is spun from a fixed electric motor 220V/110W on the top bar, with manual speed regulator controlling between 0 and 420 RPM, both forward and reverse. The Honey Gate is 40 diameter millimetre in plastic, there is a hinged transparent cover.
The extractor is equipped with electrical emergency switch, and has 3 detachable curved painted legs for stability.

Catalogue reference

204. Radial motorised stainless steel extractor £1164.70

  Radial Motorised Extractor


Additional radial or reversible tangential cages are available.
Prices on request.

Radial and reversible tangential cages


Radial Extractors - Large

Radial extrators are made in stainless steel with 370, 750, or 1500 watt motors, all programmable. Prices on application.

Catalogue reference

205. Parallel extractor. 12 frames £2196.60
205a. Flat radial extractor takes 3 frames (can be used for top bar frame extraction) £395.00
206. Radial extractor 36 frame £4162.60
207. Radial extractor 48 frame £5152.70
208. Radial extractor 60 frame £6457.50

  Radial extractors
Radial extractors

Honey Blenders and Wax Melters

Catalogue reference

209. Honey mixing stand for use with electric drill £460.30
210. Honey mixing stand. Has own electric motor and mixing paddle £609.90

Uncapping wax/honey melter

A double-walled well insulated tank made entirely of stainless steel with two separate adjustable heating systems in the bottom and the lid. The special feature is the fan in the lid which quickly circulates the hot air and guarantees that the honey is treated quickly and is not damaged. To melt the uncapping wax, place the wax (approx. 120 kg – 3 x 40 kg bucket) on top of the bottom strainer, adjust the bottom temperature to 40°C, lid temperature to 80°C. The wax starts melting while the heavier honey flows off. You can first drain the undamaged honey and then the liquid wax. You can recover almost 100% of the honey out of the uncapping wax.
Tray inside: 99 x 49 x 34 cm
Bottom heating adjustable via thermostat: 30-85°C, 700W/230V
Heating in the lid adjustable via thermostat: 30-110°C, 1500W/230V
Fan motor in the lid: 70W/230V

Catalogue reference

211. Uncapping wax/honey melter £3775.00

Uncapping MINI wax melter/honey liquefier

Stainless steel, separates wax and honey without overheating the honey.
The Uncapping MINI wax melter and honey liquefier is equipped with a powerful heating element in the lid and a fan that ensures a quick and even heat distribution. The ideal tool for apiaries which work with an uncapping machine or uncapping knives and have a lot of uncapping wax mixed with honey. Capacity approx. 55 litres so you can easily spread a 40 kg block full of wax over the draining board. The honey and wax melt simultaneously but because of its higher density the honey will sink to the bottom while the wax stays on top. All you have to do is simply drain the pure undamaged honey first and then the lighter liquid wax.
You can also use the MINI wax melter for liquefying your honey.
Heating element adjustable via thermostat: 0-110°C, 2000W/230V, inner tank Ø 55cm, height including fan motor: 95cm

Catalogue reference

211a. Uncapping MINI wax melter/honey liquefier £979.00

212. Electric motor driven mixer to fit top of 50kg tank £1205.40
213. Water cooled foundation mould. £811.00
214. Steam generator for heated knives or wax melter £292.20
215. Commercial wax melting unit £1049.60


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