Buy equipment - Relocating hives...

There are many reasons for relocating bees and any number of ways it can be done. If you ensure you have the right tools moving is relatively an easy job. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.



Catalogue reference

148. Battery Operated Beehive Transport Trolley/Lifter. Full detail on Request £5290.00
148a. Hand operated lifter and barrow. Wind up clamping lifting cage. Full details on request £1107.00
149. Beehive Transport Trolly £560.00
149a. Metal framed Hive transporter with Folding handle. For easy vehicle conveyance £132.00
149b. Beehive Carrier Transport Lifter. £96.00
150. Swarm catcher (supplied without pole) £29.80
151. Heavy Duty Hive Straps £5.10
152. Hive Staples for securing hive parts during transit
(box of 150) £5.40
153. Skep (with handle) £64.10
154. Skep (without handle) £62.60
155. Bee Vac Bee Nuc Box, used with a vacuum either mains or battery powered £160.00 – Full set including battery vac and vacuum and extension pipes £485.00
156. Quick Assembly Fixings. Galvanised steel, sold in pairs. No screws, just use a hammer. £3.60

Swarm catchers, skeps and fixings

  Hive barrows